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The program´s goal is to allow school children to study the Sciences topics related to environment and development in a experiential way, facilitating the integration of knowledge through fieldwork.

1. Address the contents of Science topic “Human beings are part of nature" in the presence of the object of study, through quarterly fieldwork sessions.

2. Planning and developing the students' work in an interdisciplinary manner, thus allowing each activity to meet the scientific and pedagogical parameters that make it appropriate for achieving both curricular objectives and environmental objectives in all levels. 

3. Link the contents to the transverse axis "Values" and the cross-cutting theme "Environmental Culture for Sustainable Development“, allowing students to reach their respective capacities.

4. Provide the teachers with support by professional staff in Biology or related fields to develop the scientific and environmental content.

5. Demonstrate the importance of protected areas as a setting for learning science and environmental topics.


Additionally, it is of great interest to develop a successful educational product that can be replicated elsewhere.

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